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  • get along with

Magdalena gets along with the rest of the class.

  • get around

We still have to get around the lack of resources.

Information on getting around San Diego by public transportation, train, taxi, trolley, rental car, shuttle or getting to San Diego by air.

  • get away

Get away from me!

In this heavy vacation month, the hardest thing for many jugglers is often getting ready to get away.

  • get away

Thieves got away with two Picassos, which were never found.

  • get back

When did Mark get back?

  • get back

Can I borrow this DVD? You’ll get it back next week.

  • get beyond

I got beyond the barrier again.

  • get down

I hate winter. It’s always getting me down.

  • get down

Did you get his telephone number down?

  • get in

Can you tell Mr Harrison to phone me as soon as he gets in?

  • get in with

 Magdalena’s always known who to get in with.

  • get into

Earlier women and girls always get into a car before men.

  • get off

To get to the train station you have to get off at fifth stop.

  • get on

The train was full so we couldn’t get on.

  • get on

How is she getting on in the marketing course?

  • get on to

He ignored the questions and got on to another subject.

  • get on with

You’re getting on with Spanish.

  • get out

I got out of the van and went home.

  • get out

Get out of my mind!

  • get over

 It took him over four years to get over his wife’s death.

  • get over

There were one technical problem but they got over it.

  • get rid

 How to get rid of problems?

  • get through

He got through the exams and got into high school.

bonus: link

  • get through

I tried to contact him but I couldn’t get through.

  • get together

Let’s get together and talk about gift for our parents.

  • get up

 Mike always gets up at 8 o’clock.

  • get up

Everyone got up as the minister arrived.



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