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  • take after

Mark takes after his father, he’s very tall.

  • take away

Ann took away a knife from her child.

We are a family run Thai food take away business in Everton Plaza shopping centre Everton Park Brisbane.

  • take back

Mark took his new trousers back as he discovered a flaw on them.

  • take back

I admit that I was wrong about Ann. I take back everything I said about her.

  • take care

 Below I have listed some useful tips to take care of yourself during pregnancy.

Health evangelist Jerry Anderson says the Bible can help you take care of your health and body.

  • take in

He was taken in by his lofty promises.

  • take off

The plane took off on time.

  • take off

Take your coat off.

  • take off

He is really good at taking his teacher off.

  • take on

It’s a command and a requirement that you must take on now!

Tablet computers take on the workplace.

  • take out

Took the splinter out.

  • take over

If the President is assassinated, the Vice-president will take over.

  • take to

I took to him immediately.

  • take up

Ann’s taken up basketball recently.


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