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give back and give up

  • give away

She’s so self-controlled that she never gives her true feelings away.

The first lady instructed her daughters not to give away the secret, and they didn’t.

Will you give away your E-Cat secrets to MIT?

  • give away

Ann gave her old clothes away to poor people.

  • give back

Please give me back my DVDs.

Give It Back!

  • give in

He gave in to despair and refused to take medicine.

  • give of

Airman gives of himself to save son.

  • give out

Her job is to answer questions and give out leaflets.

Do you give out condoms?

  • give over

Adam gave the day over to organising Jen’s birthday party.

  • give up

Don’t give up. Keep running!

  • give up

I gave up smoking two years ago.



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