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zdania z czasownikiem come

  • come about

Jim’s business success came about after a series of failures.

  • come about

I don’t even know how the whole matter came about.

  • come across

I came across my friend while I was riding.

I came across this link on the web.

I came across this story that a …

Escapin’ through the lily fields I came across an empty space.

  • come apart

We need a new table, the old one is coming apart.

Why the Eurozone will come apart?

You come apart into a deserted place.

  • come around

I had no idea what had happened to me when I came round.

  • come at

You should keep the pills where the kids can’t come at them.

  • come back

Don’t wait for me, I don’t know when I’ll be coming back home.

  • come before

Magdalena acts this way because she believes that well-being of her family comes before her personal aspirations.

  • come between

Magdalena had to come between the two fighting guys.

  • come by

Many people wonders how she came by so much money.

  • come down

Computer prices have really come down recently.

  • come down with

She came down with flu and had to stay in bed.

  • come from

 He comes from poland.

  • come into

He came into a large sum of money after his grandmother died.

  • come off

I’m afraid that deal didn’t come off after all.

  • come out

The first issue of this newspaper came out in 1950.

Actor Zachary Quinto says he feels a range of emotions after coming out in a recent New York.

  • come over

Magdalena came over to support us.

  • come round

Come round any time for tea.

  • come to

Your charges come to $1000.00. Will you pay in cash, or with a credit card?

  • come up

How he came up with the theory of relativity.

Who came up with the theory of six degrees of separation?

  • come upon

I came upon Luis yesterday.



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