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filmy z get


And today I show some films with phrasal verbs starts with get

  • get through

to survive a difficult period, to survive difficul…

  • get away

to run away, to break free, to escape

  • get back


  • get in


  • get into

enter, come in

  • get off

leave a large, closed vehicle.

  • get on

enter a large, closed vehicle

make progress, deal with something with a reasonab…

  • get out

leave a small, closed vehicle

  • get out

leave a place, escape

  • get over

recover from an illness or painful experience

  • get over

to cross sth such as road or river to become accep…

  • get around

avoid having to do something.

make someone depressed, unhappy, exhausted, etc.

  • get back

to obtain something that you have lost

  • get through


  • get together

meet socially

  • get up

get out of bed

  • get up

get out of bed


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